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A number of people have remarked that the skyline of Pleasanton reminds them of Dallas....


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Pleasanton, Texas

Of all the great cosmopolitan cities, Pleasanton, Texas is the youngest. It was established in 1858 on the banks of the Atascosa River, but much earlier Spanish, Mexican and Anglo-American ranching activities preceded the formal founding of "Pleasant Town." The town bills itself as "the Birthplace of the Cowboy," a claim based on historical research and possible usage of peyote cactus. In any case, it's a great excuse to have an annual festival, and the citizens of Pleasanton and nearby burgs flock to the annual "Cowboy Homecoming Days" parade and festivities.

Step inside this site's pages and discover why Pleasanton is such a special place. Fertile soil, south Texas climate, a colorful history complete with Indian raids and Chisholm Trail cowboys, and beautiful attractions all combine to make Pleasanton, Texas one of the great cosmopolitan cities of the planet Earth!

Pleasanton's Pages

Facts About Pleasanton: a dispute about population; climate, and the city's motto

A History of Pleasanton: the early days, Indian raids, the Chisholm Trail, the railroad, and growth

Festivals and Culture of Pleasanton: culture, Cowboy Homecoming, the Longhorn Museum, and guns

Pleasanton's Endangered Species: not for the faint at heart....

Birthplace of George Strait: I wouldn't make this up....

Pleasanton's (and Environs') Attractions:

Atascosa River Park

El Presidio del Pleasanton and The Alamo

The Pleasanton Botanical Gardens

The Pleasanton Zoo

The Tower of the Americas

The Kellers' Oak Forest Home

Links to Other Fascinating Sites:

Pleasanton Links

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