Pleasanton: Birthplace of George Strait
(Not Really)

A Texas Legend in his Own Time

George Strait

No joking here; this is George

Country music legend George Harvey Strait was born on May 18th, 1952 in the old hospital in Pleasanton's neighborhood of Poteet. At the time, his parents lived in a little yellow house (still there) on Goodwin near the corner of Bryant in Pleasanton proper, but the nearest hospital was in Poteet. So that's where young George was born.

George's father moved to the Pleasanton neighborhood of Pearsall a few years later and took over the family's 2000-acre ranch. That is where George grew up. He later entered the Army and played in a band while stationed in Hawaii. When he returned to Texas after his service to his country, he moved to San Marcos to go to Southwest Texas State University. It was there that he joined the Ace in the Hole Band.

The Ace in the Hole Band played in such places as Cheyenne Social Club, Cheatham Street Warehouse and the Getaway in San Marcos; Greune Hall (the oldest surviving dancehall in Texas) in Greune; the Crystal Chandelier in New Braunfels; The Beer Barn, Whiskey River, Fools Gold, and the legendary Gilley's (setting for "Urban Cowboy") in Houston. In 1981, George's first single ("Unwound") made the country charts and the rest is history.

George Strait now lives in Pleasanton's northern neighborhood of San Antonio.

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